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 II International Open Air Iconographic "Elios"

20 – 31 July 2015, Tykocin, Poland

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The open air took place with the blessing: The Very Blessed Patriachy Filaret and His Excellency Bishop Janusz Stemplowski

Open Air was held under the auspices of the Ambassador of Ukraine in the Republic of Poland - Andrij Deszczycja and Polish Ambassador in Ukraine - Henryk Litwin

The organizers of open air were the Parish of the Holy Trinity in Tykocin, Eleos-Ukraine Foundation, Laboratory of Icons P.W. St. Lazarus.

Welcomed by: Restaurant and Accommodation "ALUMNAT” in Tykocin

Media partners: Spes Media Group


Subject of open air: Mercy in the icon - Old Testament


On our second open air, we were invited by the pastor of Holy Trinity Parish in Tykocin, fr. Jarosław Stefaniak. He arranged out vsisit for us and enabled us to meet.

Wonderful staff of Alumnat (Alumnat - restaurant and accommodation) took us through its doors and entertained. We were given the available rooms, room to work, and very delicious meals and friendly service. One could feel really like a special guy. The service was always ready to help and resolve any problems, with patience and smile.

Open Air started the presentation of the exhibition "Prayer for Ukraine", which is the fruit of our first meeting in Kiev. We prayed about the crown to the Divine Mercy, together with parishioners, after which each participant received a blessing iconographer to work with. Effectively given by f. Sergio Dmitrieva blessing and prayer of the parish community supported the work. And it was not easy. The participants were in fact designed to locate and interpret the icon scenes of Divine Mercy and human in the Old Testament. Everyone immediately got to work. Sought in various scenes described stories of Abraham, Moses, the Prophets, Archangels ...

In connection with the subject of open air and also the specific local conditions, participants were invited to visit the synagogue, which is one of the main attractions of Tykocin. Here iconographers were able to breathe for a moment with the spirit of the time and most of all to see the place of prayer meetings and what kind of Jews lived in these areas. Certainly after contact with religion having a close relationship with the texts of the Old Testament it was easier for artists to interpret and live the selected scenes from the Bible.

We also had some other attractions like storks, donkeys, swans, wreaths, trampoline, bikes ... So a bit of relaxation at work.

The open air was attended by:



Lower Carpathians National University named Vasyl Stefanyk.

(Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivsk).


Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk

(Poland, Lublin)


Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk

(Poland, Lublin)


Lviv National Academy of Arts

(Ukraine, Lviv)


Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk

(Poland, Zielona Góra)


Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Maintenance And Restaurant works of art.

(Poland, Tykocin)


Lviv National Academy of Arts;

Kiev National University of Fine Arts and Architecture.

(Ukraine, Kyiv)


Kiev Institute of Fine Arts and Design.

(Ukraine, Kiev)



(Poland, Opole)


Kherson State University. Faculty of Fine Arts.

(Ukraine, Kherson)


Plastic School in Kherson

(Ukraine, Kherson)


They didn’t forget about our parishioners, who kindly supplied us each day with coffee cake. So here are BIG THANKS from us!

During the open air, children also visited us from Tykocin, which painted Angels with us.

And adults:  Mr. and Ms. Marta and Andrzej from Krakow and Social Welfare Home in Tykocin. They learned more about icons, techniques work over the works ...

During the open air, we were visited by Mateusz Środoń, artist iconographer co-creator of Ajax Eastern Christian Studies at the monastery OO. Dominicans in Warsaw. He brought with him a copy of the icon of Our Lady of Chelm, where history really fascinated him. He told about the history of the icon and made for outdoors tiny Holy Face.

Whirl of work interrupted our daily evening prayer, during which each of the participants read the text of the Bible which he chose to present the icon and shared his interpretation. Last night (or rather night) f. Sergii held for us a Orthodox liturgy. Reading into the liturgy, it led us to consider the biblical text of the priestly prayer of Christ (John 17).

As usual, all good things come to an end. Our open air slowly came to an end. Recent amendments, the final preparations for the post-exterior opening. Common photo as a souvenir and icons will hit the new exhibition.

The vernissage was attended by: Representatives of local government - Deputy Governor of Podlaskie Wieslaw Żyliński, Director of the Department of Culture and National Heritage - Anatol Wap, representative of the Ukrainian Embassy in the Republic of Poland - attorney Nicholas Yarmoliuk, who read a letter from Ambassador Andrjia Deszczycji addressed to the participants and organizers of open air.

At the end we were surprised with an exquisite dinner, which really we did not expect. Thank you very much Mr. Mariusz and staff of the restaurant for so nice end of our outdoor meetings.

We would like to thank all those who contributed so that we can work together to experince the open air and to organize an exhibition in such a beautiful place which is the town of Tykocin!

Poster of the event:

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II International Open Air Iconographic "Elios"

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