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First International Iconographic Open Air

Kiev, Mikhailovsky Monastyr 23.11 – 01.12.2014


modlitwaThe first International Iconographic Open Air took place in Kyiv on 23.11 - 12.01.2014, and its theme was "The Divine Mercy in the icon." Given that the intention was preparation to celebrate the first anniversary of Kiev, "Maidan" as still ongoing anti-terrorist operation, open air took place in the church and the monastery of Arch. Michael. The choice of location was not accidental – it was this monastery, first of December at night, that opened the gates and began to beat the bells, to give a sign standing on the Maidan students to flee and take refuge. Berkut manhunt was approaching. After that, for the duration of protests "Michalowski Council" was a place of refuge for the wounded, frozen and tired.

In this special place they met artists from different countries: France, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine. Start of work was blessed by Bishop Agapit Vyshgorodskiy. Each artist received the blessing for their work. In order to meet and present, after prayer, the participants met with the organizer of the Father Sergio Dmitriev, Bishop Agapit and the Polish general consul in Ukraine Rafal Wolski. Everyone had a chance to say something about himself and guests from abroad of Ukraine told why they came, what surprised them to positively respond to the invitation.

The participants of open air were:


OD HIYED (France)



PIOTR KRUPA (Slovakia, Levoca)




OLGA MOROZ (Ukraine, Lutsk)

MICHAŁ PŁOSKI (Poland, Kielce)

IHOR PYRIH (Ukraine, Lviv)


KRZYSZTOF SOKOŁOWSKI (Lithuania, Poland) - commissioner of the open air

MATEUSZ ŚRODOŃ (Poland,, Warsaw)

ROMAN VASYLYK (Ukraine, Lviv) - commissioner of the open air


They joined by their works, because the duties did not allow for direct participation:





IVAN TACHYNSʹKIY (Ukraine, Iwano-Frankivsk)



LIUBOV YATSKIV (Ukraine, Lviv)


The participants set to work. Each spread their skills and searxched for ideas for the implementation of the subject. Subject was not easy. Divine Mercy in fact expresses itself in different ways. In the Face of Christ, Not Human Hand being made and connected with the story of King Abgar. In Pantokrator blessed in a dignified manner. The Mother of God intercessor and exuding their care. They sought him in healings and ressurection made by Christ. They were found also in the faces of the saints and their deeds. From Biblical messages after thought and abstraction.

The spiritual side and the physical monks took care of Michalowski Monastery. With them, the participants experienced a beautiful singing and eat meals at the morning liturgy. The monks and seminarians present were always willing to help and greeted the artists with a smile and kindness.

Because we stayed in a very meaningful place, reflections came back about the constant struggle of Ukraine for freedom and sovereignty. Walks on the "Maidan Independence" gave the opportunity to recall the face of Niebesna Sotnia. Information about the situation in the east of Ukraine are still reminding to pray for the soldiers fighting there. All this find its resonance in the works.

profvasylykBecause we stayed in a very meaningful place, reflections came back about the constant struggle of Ukraine for freedom and sovereignty. Walks on the "Maidan Independence" gave the opportunity to recall the face of Niebesna Sotnia. Information about the situation in the east of Ukraine are still reminding to pray for the soldiers fighting there. All this find its resonance in the works.



Polish iconographer Michael Płoski asked the seminarians to bring him a cobblestones that during the protests served as a weapon or to build barricades on the Maidan. Ankles Michael painted the Face of Christ Not Human Hand being made, thus giving them new meaning. They have become a symbol of beautifully reflecting the sense of open air, talking about weapon killing people to forge to spiritual weapon.



The second Polish iconographer inspired by Hubert Kampa brought the Scripture from the area of fighting, which bore marks indicating that it kept them from dead soldier. It is open on the sixth chapter of the Gospel of St. Mark where Jesus says to the terrified disciples: "Take courage! I am not afraid. "On this basis, he painted a small icon called "Do not be afraid", which together with o. Sergei took to the East of Ukraine, for the soldiers fighting there.

Generated work during the open air will go to the hospital, where the wounded were treated from Maidan and soldiers from the east of Ukraine. The work of Ukrainian iconographers will be transferred to Polish hospitals as a form of gratitude for the help and solidarity with Ukraine in such a difficult time for her. The works of artists of the Polish Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania and France remain in hospitals in Ukraine. Here are a reminder of the support, which were given from other countries.

ambasadaAs the outdoor was sponsored the Polish Embassy, participants were invited to its headquarters in Kiev. They met with Ambassador Henryk Litwin, who gladly received us and entertained. Revealed how much depends on cooperation between the countries, peace ... The participants were very moved by a visit to a place like Embassy.

werPlener ended with a solemn vernissage in the Church of St. Andrew in Kiev. In the halls of the church before an exhibition, exhibits were imported from the East of Ukraine, which were supposed to show that there are present soldiers, which are fighting and people dying. Some prove the presence of the Russian army. Among the exhibits hung works of workshop participants. It gave this same show even greater clarity. Contrast that created the helmets of soldiers shot through and hold an icon among them cried: Let us pray for Ukraine! The need for charity is great!

The exhibition was officially opened by Patriarch Filaret. His presence has become the organizers and participants thanks for common prayer and work. The Patriarch said: "There is a temptation to start a third world war, but we are doing everything no prevent that from happening. We need to show the indomitable spirit. And this is what is happening in Ukraine and Europe, testifies to its revival. We see volunteers who are not afraid of death. The nation is not indifferent to what is happening and we feel support from Europe and America. it is important that the open air is devoted to the theme of "Maidan" and ATO (Anti-Terror Operations), and thanks to him are gathered here, people from different countries. Thank you for your support!"

The vernissage was attended by many distinguished guests: Bishop Agapit Vyshgorodskiy, Metropolitan Pereyaslav Khmelnytsky and Bila Epiphanius, Ambassador of Poland to Ukraine Henryk Litwin, Consul General of Poland in Kiev Rafał Wolski, Minister of Culture of Ukraine Eugene Nyschuk, Deputy Director of the Department of religious affairs and ethnic Andrew Yurash, representatives of the Catholic and Lutheran churches.


We would like to express my gratitude for allowing us to experience the open air:

Patriarchy Filaret and the bishops of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kiev Patriarchate - for prayer, kindness, patronage, a blessing, a good word ...

Mr. Mateusz Sora (Poland), who helped to put the first steps in organizing the project.

Mr. Tomasz - for their great kindness to start open air with us and financial assistance

Monks and seminarians from Michalowski Council - for the daily liturgy, providing rooms, meals, and your willingness to encourage, smile ...

Fr. Sergey Dmitriev - for the organization of open air, care ...

Polish Embassy in Kiev - for accepting us in its premises and accompanying outdoor ...


Gallery from the opening of the exhibition:

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