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Charity Sacral Workshop „Eleos”

Greek έλεος (Eleos) - is a pity, mercy, and compassion itself. We adopted this name, because at the root of our open air are just deeds of mercy.


Concerts and giving away work of I International Open Air Iconographic "Eleos" to Polish hospitals
On 30-31 January 2015, we held a special concert event of Christmas carols in Przemysl, Lublin and Warsaw.

The concert is part of the "Prayer for Ukraine" which was built during the First International Open Air Iconographic "Eleos" in Kiev. In November 2014 the artists of the Polish Republic, Slovakia, France and Ukraine met in Monastir Michalowski (during the protests, it was a refuge for the protesters) to create works of art - icons, inspired by the theme "Charity in the Icon." Plein Air was also the spiritual preparation for the round anniversary of the outbreak of protests on Kiev's Maidan and continued during the counter-terrorist operation in the East part of Ukraine.
Work on the I open air was created with the intention to reach the hospitals in Poland and Ukraine, as a form of gratitude for the adoption of the wounded. First, however, they have created an exhibition entitled "Prayer for Ukraine" and were presented in Ukraine and Poland, giving the opportunity to pray. The whole event was collected in the printed catalogue.
During the concert, performed by seven Orthodox Clergy, we handed over the work of the representatives of hospitals and rewarded modest medal volunteers involved in helping Ukraine.
Posters of concerts:


The work received the following hospitals:

Hospital SP ZOZ MSW in Lublin

Independent Public Clinical Hospital No. 1 in Lublin

Independent Public Clinical Hospital No. 4 in Lublin

Independent Public Health Care in Tomaszow Lubelski

Independent Public Provincial Hospital im. Pope John Paul II in Zamosc

Independent Public Provincial Hospital in Chelm

Independent Public Health Care in Łęczna

Independent Public Health Care in Pulawy

Provincial Hospital. St. Padre Pio in Przemysl

Municipal Hospital in Przemysl

Hospital specialized in Jaslo

Rehabilitation Centre named by bi. p. Josafaty in Prałkowcach

Hospital Clinic NZOZ ANDRAMED

Interior Ministry in Warsaw

Independent Public Clinical Hospital of Ophthalmology in Warsaw

We would also like to express my gratitude for the support and involvement in this event: Fr. Stefan Batruch (President of the Foundation Culture of Borderland) and the entire staff of the Rehabilitation Centre bi. p. Jozafaty in Prałkowcach. With these people had nothing to eat, where to sleep ... THANK YOU!

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